Monday, April 16, 2012

Coloring Hair

Hey Everyone!
I haven't been posting recently because I have exams in two weeks and I don't really have the time. But I promise once exams are over I will be much more active :)
So I will do just a quick post on the two most common colour combinations that I use for coloring hair with my Copics: Blonde and Brown hair. You will notice that the colours I have for Brown hair are in the same colour family and they obviously go well together but for the blonde combination they are just random colours. That' s because when I was buying them for the first time I didn't really know how to choose which colours would blend together best. But in the future I will certainly buy more copics for blonde hair.
You can see in the pictures the combinations and an example using Some Odd Girl - Birthday Mae . This is my most recent stamp and I won it from Quixotic Sketch Challenge!!! The prize was actually a  £15 gift certificate and I bought just some stamps.
I hope you will like my colour combinations and please share what colours do you prefer. I am still a beginner so this would help me a lot next time I purchase markers. :)
*For the green eyes I used G05 and G07 and blended them a bit with my colourless blender. I did the same for the blue eyes but I used B00 and B05 ( kind of a big gap between the colours here, but it worked).