Friday, February 10, 2012

Which Copic Markers do I have and how I store them?

In this post I am going to talk about my Copic Markers (I don't have a lot of them yet). The Copic Markers are alcohol-based and they are really easy to blend. They come in different types: Ciao, Original and Sketch. Mine are the Sketch markers and I personally think they are the best. So you probably know there are different colour families so I am going to list mine and then when I post pictures of images you can know the colours I have used. Keep in mind that the letter stands for the colour family, then the first digit is the saturation and the second digit shows how light the marker is. And finally here is the list of my markers:
    B000, B00
[YR-Yellow Red]
    YR21, YR34
     R27, R29, R39
[RV-Red Violet]
     RV13, RV14, RV55, RV63, RV66
    E000, E00, E02, E23, E27, E55, E70, E74, E87, E93
[T-Toner Gray]
    Colorless blender

Basically, those are all the colours I have. I do own quite a lot of the earth tones but that's partly because I use them all the time. For example E000, E00 and E93 is my favorite combination so far. And the E23 and E27 I use for brown hair, although I really need the E25 to really blend the ones I do have. The other earth tones I haven't used yet because they were a gift and they weren't chosen very well as they don't go together at all. So if I want to use them I will have to buy colours that are   close to them( eg. I have E55 it would be nice to have like E57). My absolutely favourite colours are the red. They are really saturated and you should be very careful when using them but the colours are amazing.The next colours that I am definitely buying are the warm grays because they are awesome for shading.

In the beginning I used to store my markers in like different cases or whatever I found suitable but now I got a Copic wallet for my birthday and I am so happyyyy!!! I don't have enough markers to fill it yet and that's why I have also added a pencil and two multiliners that I use literally all the time.                                

So that's all about my collection of Copic Markerss :))
Bye <3

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