Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas Cards

Hi Everyone!
 This weekend I decided to start making Christmas cards! I am very excited even though I don't have a lot of materials suitable for holiday cards in my stash ;( Anyway I subscribed to Quick Cards magazine and I was very surprised when I received a goodie bag full of christmas papers and embellishments. They are from dovecfaft ( if you are interested you can see the offer here )
  The cards are very simple. There are no images, no colouring and not a whole lot of embellishments. I used the same stamp for all three cards and I stamped it with Lady Bug Red Memento Ink. The flowers, brads and ribbons are all from the dovecraft. :) And here are the cards:


  1. Lovely cards....


  2. Amazing cards they look sooo good!
    Sorry to be quite forwards but do you make a good living out of this?

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  4. Ha ha! Glad I'm not the only one whose decided it's time make the holiday cards! I always wait till October and keep saying I will do them then they don't get done! For once I plan to be on top of things (hopefully!) Now you've inspired me! :)